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Headaches & Migraines

Headache Chiropractor Santa Clara, CA

Headaches are very common in the US. Nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches. Some may be frequent or occasional and some may cause severe pain and even nausea. There are 120 different classifications of headaches, and the most common are Tension Headache, Cervicogenic Headache and Migraine Headache. These headaches range from intense to mild, respectively.

A study recently conducted shows that there are 4.5 million of Canadians who suffered from recurring migraines and headaches, spending up to $40 million each year for prescription drugs and other over-the-counter medicines in their hunt for a permanent cure.

As the saying goes, Prevention is Better than Cure.

It is important to know the causes and how to prevent it from occurring. The major cause of headaches is associated with Spinal Misalignments (subluxations). This phenomenon is very common and if it is left untreated, especially in the upper cervical spine, will trigger nerve irritation thus can lead to recurring headaches.

How do headaches occur through nerve irritation?

Studies conducted at Maryland University have shown links to headaches and nerve irritation due to muscle tension. Spinal Misalignment or Subluxations of upper cervical spine, particularly at the base of the neck, add unessential strain and pressure to the spinal joints, disc alignments, muscles and the entire nervous system. As muscles contract, they interact with the sensitive nerve fibres that constitute the spine, supplying impulses to the head and face. So when the nerves get irritated, they can cause pain to these areas.

How can a headache chiropractor provide relief?

The only profession qualified to detect and correct these problems are Chiropractors. They are health care professionals who center on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders. They will determine the course and method of treatment depending on the type of headache a patient is suffering from. Provided that serious medical problems do not cause the headache, treatment will usually begin. Pressure will be applied to the neck, head, and sometimes shoulder region propagating the pain to determine if the headache is of spinal origin, otherwise, appropriate referral to another specialist will be arranged. Spinal related headaches include treatment via spinal adjustment and acupressure techniques correcting the misaligned regions of the upper cervical spine.

Can a Chiropractor for headaches help with migraine?

Compared to Tension and Cervicogenic Headaches, there are minimal studies about the importance of chiropractic treatment in managing migraines, as dietary and hormonal factors can be the cause. Chiropractic treatment is approximately 70% effective in treating migraine due to these non-spinal factors. However, a study conducted for different types of headaches including migraine to more than 2,600 patients demonstrated that chiropractic treatment may be provided as a good preventive treatment for migraines. Another study showed that the number of attacks lowered to up to 90% and had a rather significant reduction in pain intensity. In a 1999 study, migraine attacks are directly correlated to stress claimed by 80% of the patients therefore researchers believe that through chiropractic care, the body’s reaction to stress can be reduced.

Ongoing treatments after headache

After the initial treatment, Spinal alignment, and Spinal manipulation to patients, maintenance check up is on average about once a month to check patients to detect further problems. This can save people money and reduces the risk of recurring headaches and also improve the patient’s overall health.

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