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KST Chiropractic

KST Chiropractic Santa Clara, CA

KST Chiropractic Adjustment 

Developed in 2003, Koren Specific Technique is an improved form of chiropractic spinal care. This method provides patients more thorough analysis, with better adjustments for longer periods of time.

Instead of the traditional manual force method with the popping and cracking, this method uses a very precise yet gentle tool.

This technique is basically made up of three simple parts: Challenging, Checking and Correcting.

Challenging is the analysis part of the procedure. Its purpose is to check the structural system in a short period of time. These body parts include the skull, spine, discs, hips, sternum, ribs, legs, arms, hands and feet. Anything not in position can be analyzed.

Checking exposes where the problem is. This process simply tells if the body part is in its proper position. The base of the skull is the tool used in determining the problem. A yes or no code determines whether a part needs or does not need correction or adjustment. This system is similar to muscle testing where the muscles become weak when faced with a negative impulse.

Correcting This process is done using an adjusting instrument, but can also be done using hands when necessary. The instrument used initiates force or energy to the body which helps realign segments and remove nerve pressure at a speed of 12 taps per second (12 hertz). It is considered a fast, accurate, low force and controlled adjustment.

Koren Specific Technique Chiropractic

Koren Specific Technique is unlike any other chiropractic techniques due to the following benefits:

It does not make use of a lot of force. Koren Specific Technique uses lower force or energy unlike other chiropractic options. This is perfect for those who do not want much pressure to be applied to their body.

It gives immediate results. KST lets you feel immediately when issues have been corrected. Where it has not, you can try other options to solve the problem.

Adjustments can be done in any position. KST can be practiced whether you are standing, lying down, or sitting which provides you more comfort and ease during treatment.

It is effective on stubborn spines. Koren Specific Technique provides satisfying results even if your spine does not always comply with manipulations.

It caters to the needs of people of all ages. Koren Specific Techniques offers gentle manipulations for very young patients (even babies who typically sleep though my treatment) to senior citizens.

It does not require testing. Koren Specific Technique does not require x-rays, imaging or any form of testing before its application.

Chiropractors prefer it. Chiropractors prefer Koren Specific Technique when they themselves are the clients due to its effectiveness.

KST is also very effective in treating allergies. Patients are simply asked to think of their allergy which eventually leads to their body’s allergy pattern. During this stage, the pattern of misaligned joints is located and then adjusted. An adjusting instrument will be used while the patient stays in one position.

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